Sticks Across the Chimney

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Sticks Across the Chimney by Nora Burglon By Nora Burglon

5.5" x 8.5", 224 pages, illustrated, Perfect-bound softcover, ISBN 1-892857-13-8

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Richly layered with mystery and intrigue, Sticks Across the Chimney: A Story of Denmark tells a captivating story of two Danish children and their widowed mother struggling to survive on a dilapidated farm. The mother's positive beliefs combined with the children's wit, compassion and creativity influence events and touch everyone around them.

When young Siri, Erik and their widowed mother buy a deserted farm with an ancient Viking grave mound on the land, they have no idea of the challenges and adventures that await them. First they must use their wits and humor to survive without money, as well as deal with superstitious townspeople. Later they participate in mysterious and exciting events that lead to the opening of the mound and the discovery of unbelievable ancient Viking treasures.

Scandinavian author Nora Burglon skillfully weaves Viking history, folklore, and archeology among the story fibers, bringing ancient sagas alive in fascinating detail. She writes authentically of rural Denmark in the 20th century, offering a rare understanding of the spiritual importance of land and sea in the everyday life of the people. Burglon is author to several other books, including Children of the Soil: The Story of Scandinavia, which received a Newbery Honor Award.

"Sticks Across the Chimney: A Story of Denmark captured my attention from beginning to end. Beautifully realized characters and landscape blend with an exciting mystery surrounding ancient Viking grave mounds. I especially enjoyed the rich details of everyday life in rural Denmark experienced by the delightful and resourceful main characters, as well as the fascinating unfolding of Viking history and folklore so effortlessly entwined in the story. Readers will cherish this enchanting book."

- Shannon K. Jacobs, author of Healers of the Wild and The Boy Who Loved Morning.

See excerpts of this book.

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