Handmade Rag Doll Kits

Handmade Mexican Rag Doll kitsWhole Spirit Press is pleased to revive a lost art. We usually bring back long out-of-print books. However, we were so impressed with the history and creativeness of this idea - we are bringing to you the lost art of making Authentic Rag Dolls that date back to the Aztec Indians.

Children now have the opportunity to make their own traditional rag dolls in native clothing from these beautiful doll kits designed by Cultural Interpretations. Each kit contains detailed instructions of how to make the rural boy or girl dolls (see photos at bottom of this page), along with all the necessary components. No glue is required and each piece of clothing is unique to each doll kit. Classic Mexican folklore comes alive when children make these dolls. They have the opportunity to learn more about the folk art and culture of rural Mexico.

Traditional Mexican Aztec Rag Doll KitsWhen you purchase the pre-assembled Rural Couple, you also receive a copy of the short story of life in Rural Mexico, techer extension activities and the history of the Mexican Rag Doll and Rural Couple - all for $36.95.

Boy or girl rag doll kits may be purchased for just $9.95 each, with a 10% quantity discount starting with 10 doll kits. Rural Couple dolls are approximately 11"-12" tall. The Boy and Girl dolls are approximately 6" tall.

Shipping & Insurance: Dolls CAN NOT be shipped via Media Mail - you must select Priority Mail or UPS when calculating shipping in the shopping cart. Insurance is automatically added on orders of $50.00 or more.
  Rural Couple (pre-assembled) - $36.95

Boy and Girl Doll Kits: 1 - 9 kits: price is $9.95 each. 10 or more kits: price is $8.95 each.

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History of the Mexican Rag Doll

Long Ago, Aztec children in the area of Tenochtitlán (now Mexico City), made dolls out of branches, corn husks or leather. They attached the arms to the body, making a cross shape. Eyes were made of seeds and the children decorated their dolls with little stones. The history goes on to explain why these dolls were outlawed by the Spaniards and how the Mexican rag doll came into being.

Handmade Rag Doll KitsTraditional Mexican Rag Doll: Rural Couple. According to oral history, the rural couple was the first set of Mexican rag dolls to be made. The rural couple is considered to be the most original Mexican rag doll. Rural parents and children made these dolls out of the materials available to them (rags), just as their Aztec ancestors had used materials available to them in the past (branches, corn husks or leather). Serving a double purpose, these dolls were a joy to play with while conveying the rural way of life and values of loyalty to family and hard work. Read the short story - Doña Mica - included with the purchase of the Rural Couple, which tells more about these down home values.

Assembled Girl and Boy Dolls (shown below) Are Approximately 6" Tall

Traditional Girl Rag Doll Traditional Mexican Boy Rag Doll
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These homemade rag doll kits are great for kids 7 - 12 years old. Assembled in the traditional method, without glue or fastners, these historical folklore doll kits provide a great educational and hands-on activity!
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