Gilgamesh - Man's First Story

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Gilgamesh - Man's First Story, by Bernarda Bryson By Bernarda Bryson

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8.5' x 11', 104 pages, illustrated,  Perfect-bound softcover, ISBN 1-892857-01-4.

This wonderful story of Gilgamesh has been out-of-print for many years. Whole Spirit Press is pleased to bring this book back to life, using Bryson's exact story and illustrations. It is the perfect book for the Waldorf schools 5th grade class studies.

$19.95 per copy up to 9. $16.00 per copy for 10 or more copies.


The book was listed on AWSNA's reading list, but has been unavailable for years. The children will love reading Bernarda Bryson's interpretation of the oldest legend known to man. Gilgamesh, the great king-hero, part god and part man comes alive with her story and illustrations.

From the Back Cover:

"In her version for readers of all ages of the oldest legend known to man, the distinguished author and illustrator, Bernarda Bryson, has created her own richly moving interpretations of the mighty deeds of Gilgamesh, the great king-hero, part god and part man.

First written down in Sumerian cuneiform 3,000 years before the birth of Christ, the story of Gilgamesh tells of a great flood and of one man, befriended by the gods, who survived by building an ark. In the feats of Gilgamesh and his companion, Enkidu, a monster who turns into a gentle man who loves and respects the King, are found the sources of great mythological heroes, Hercules, Jason and Theseus.

In addition to its vital importance in the history of literature, Gilgamesh is an exciting and often amusing tale - setting jealous god against jealous god, god against man, and man against man in remarkable battles of wit and strength. With sensitivity and simple beauty, Miss Bryson has set down a stirring epic which will impart to readers her own lifetime facination with the myth of Gilgamesh through her distinguished test and elegant pictorial representations of it."

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