The Boy Apprenticed to an Enchanter

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By Padraic Colum

5.5' x 8.5', 136 pages, illustrated,  Perfect-bound softcover, ISBN 978-1-892857-22-4.

A forgotten treasure is now back in print. The Boy Apprenticed to an Enchanter by Padraic Colum, takes place during the middle ages. It is filled with intrigue, mystery and adventure.

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The tale of Eean, the fisherman's son, who overcomes the evil Zabulun with the aide of the kings horses and Bird-of-Gold and Merlin the Magician. The story takes Eean to the Tower of Babylon, Chiron the Centaur and Hermes Trismegistus. It is the perfect reader for the sixth grade class as they solidify their view of ancient to modern history. Eean, and Bird-of-Gold, the bramble gatherer's daughter are in search of the truth. They experience the cause and effect of several relationships along their journey in search of Merlin the Magician, the man who holds the answers.

Padraic Colum is one of the most acclaimed storytellers of the 1900's. Author of, The King of Ireland's Son, The Children of Odin and The Children's Homer, his stories are bigger than life. They spark children's imagination and carry them through the world of myths and legends.

We are also pleased to present all new illustrations by Patrick Reinhart, a graduate of The Denver Waldorf School and Beloit College, with a degree in Studio Arts. Patrick has exhibited work in the Wright Museum of Art in Wisconsin, and drawn the cover for the sci-fi novel Vacation by Susan Stown

A must read for every sixth grade class. Place your order for a class set NOW for fall! Discounts are available if 10 or more books are ordered for your class.

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