emergent, beginning, reluctant, struggling, phonics, books

A set of 6 early readers by Shelley Davidow

Early Reader Series by Shelley Davidow Early Reader Series by Shelley Davidow emergent, beginning, reluctant, struggling, phonics, books
Early Reader Series by Shelley Davidow emergent, beginning, reluctant, struggling, phonics, books Early Reader Series by Shelley Davidow

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These early readers are phonetically based and contain stories that young children will find enjoyable and entertaining. Each story has a beginning, middle and an ending. The stories are gently humorous while honoring nature, animals and the environment.

The six books use simple words that the early reader will easily grasp. They have been carefully chosen by a reading specialist to help the beginning, reluctant, emerging or struggling reader advance from the short vowels to the silent "e" to the vowel combinations. At the back of this book is a list of sight words that should be reviewed with the child before reading the book.

We recommend these books be read in this order: Sam Cat & Nat Rat, Ned and Fred, Len Bug & Jen Slug, Jake the Snake, Tim's Boat, and Kay and Jay.

5.5" x 8.5", 20 pages per book, four-color cover, printed on natural paper with gray-scale illustrations. Available as a set of six only. ISBN 978-1-892857-20-0

$24.95 for set of 6 books up to 9 sets. $19.95 each set on orders of 10 or more.

"These books have enough humor and whimsy to capture the beginning reader's interest, the first critical step in any learning process. They are a sweetly artistic and practical source for inviting students into the world of reading. The repetition of phonemic patterns gives good practice; yet, there is enough variation to keep the reader attentive."

Nancy Blanning, co-author of Movement Journeys and Circle Adventures, spent 17 years as an early childhood Waldorf Teacher. She is currently the Educational Support Teacher and Therapeutic and Remedial Consultant at the Denver Waldorf School.

About the Author and Illustrator: Shelley Davidow is originally from South Africa. Her young adult book, In the Shadow of Inyangani, was nominated for the first African Writer's Prize by Macmillan/Picador and BBC World. The author of numerous books, Shelley lives in Florida (USA), where she is a class teacher at the Sarasota Waldorf School.

About our Reading Specialist: Mary Spotts has been a remedial reading teacher for over ten years, taking countless classes and seminars to keep current in the field she loves. Her deep understanding that struggling readers need good stories - particularly if the books are phonetically based - has been an inspiration in the creation of these books. Mary has been a constant guide, ensuring that the books address specific phonetic principles while retaining a gently humorous story line.

Mary's desire to have available meaningful children's stories with decodable words and Shelley's creative talents and love of literature have been the incentive and encouragement to bring these books to production.

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Sam Cat and Nat Rat
Ned and Fred
Len Bug and Jen Slug
Jake the Snake
Tim's Boat
Kay and Jay

emergent, beginning, reluctant, struggling, phonics, books
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This set of early reader books is perfect for the emerging reader, reluctant reader, beginning reader, or struggling reader. Using a phonics approach, the young or beginning reader will quickly learn the sounds of the critical sight words. This set of emergent reader books can provide the help struggling readers need.
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This set of early reader books is perfect for the emergent, beginning, reluctant or struggling reader!
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