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Whole Spirit Press began over a decade ago by republishing out-of-print children's books that were once classics, but had long since been forgotten. These wonderful books were down to earth and shared a simpler time but contained mystery and adventure. Parents and teachers have loved sharing these books with the children of today. Children love learning about history and discovering folklore and legend and the tenderness of animals.

As we have continued to grow and expand our market, we also realized a need for wholesome books that help children who struggle to read or are of reading readiness. The emergent reader and the reluctant reader love our phonic book series. Each book progresses from short vowels, sight words, diphthongs and diagraphs. The reader learns to decode words and at the same time loves the animal stories and the great adventures that occur in the chapter books. We continue to expand our phonic readers and chapter books to help children establish a love for reading that will last a lifetime.

We welcome suggestions of additional out-of-print children's books that need to be brought back to life for our youth to once again enjoy.

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Publisher of the Making Math Meaningful series
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